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Packing- 1X10

In Neuropathic pain – In this GABATOP 400 MG is used to treat long-lasting (chronic) pain that occurs due to diabetes, shingles, or spinal cord injury. It decreases pain and its 

associated symptoms such as – 

  • Diabetes
  • Mood changes
  • Sleep problems 

In Partial Seizers – GABATOP 400 MG is also used to cure seizures pain which is caused by nerve seizures of the brain and body.

Common side effects – 

  • Feeling lightheaded                        Having blurred eyesight  
  • Sleepymood                                    Mood swings

Avoid all tasks where you need alertness and mind presence like Driving or other actions. Be careful while climbing because maybe it causes dizziness of your body so, it might be a little difficult, Mood swings maybe you have abnormal thoughts in your mind don’t panic try to relax, Might be you can get feet and hands swelling don’t worry this will go out themselves if it’s not going by themselves inform your doctor. These all side effects are not mandatory they are exceptions.

Precautions –  if you have any allergy to GABATOP 400 MG inform your doctor maybe your doctor may make some changes in dose, Make sure to tell your doctor what type of allergic sign you have from his medicine.

Can I take GABATOP 400 MG with other medicine – Some drugs (medicine) are not safe in combinations, be sure to inform your doctor first before taking any action.

How to store GABATOP 400 MG – Make sure store in dry and cool places and away from childrens because this might be cause problems, Medicine must not be past the expiry date.

Pregnancy category –  Animal reproduction studies have proved an adverse problem effect on the fetus part and there are no adequate and well- controllable studies in humans. But for safety reasons may warrant to use of any drug can cause potential risks. 

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