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GABATOP 300 MG is used to belong to an anti-epileptic group of medicines this medicine is used to cure pain caused by nerve damage diabetes, shingles (herpes and zoster infection), spinal cord injury, etc. Mainly it is used to cure or treat seizures in a group of medicines.

Beniefits of GABATOP 300 MG –

  • In the treatment of Seizures – Gabatop 300 mg comes in a group of medicines called anticonvulsants they are used to treat some seizures \ epilepsy in humans. It is shown to help reduce confusion, Loss of awareness, and anxiety. It will help you to do daily activities with amazing confidence like swimming and driving. It can take a few weeks for this medicine to show results.
  • In the treatment of neuropathic pains –  Gabatop 300 mg is used to treat long-lasting pain caused by diabetes, shingles, spinal cord injury. It reduces pain and associated symptoms like mood swings, Anxiety, Sleeping problems, and tiredness. Taking this medicine can improve your physical and mentally social working and functioning maybe you get results in a few weeks or there is a chance instant, you should take medicine with a doctor’s prescription and get a proper schedule from a doctor. Don’t stop taking medicine if you are feeling good or not first consult your doctor for leaving medicine.

Side effects of Gabatop 300 MG –  

  • Dizziness                        Fatigue 
  • Fever                              Nausea
  • Viral infection                 Vomiting 
  • Nystagmus (involuntary eye movement ) 

All side effects are not compulsory to everyone and some are cured themselves or if you have some serious conditions seek medical services as soon as possible, These side effects are for exceptions cases. 

How to use GABATOP 300 MG – Take this medicine to the doctor’s prescribed schedule and don’t take overdose medicine this might be harm you seriously. You can take this medicine with food or without food. 

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