APOLAR 75 MG (Pregabalin 75 MG)


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APOLAR 75 MG Capsule is a medicine.It is used for relieving pain caused by nerve damage. This disease is caused due to diabetes, spinal cord injury, shingles, or any other conditions. It is heavily used to treat muscle pain and stiffness.

Uses of APOLAR 75 MG: This capsule can be used to treat many types of seizures in combination with other medicines. It may also be prescribed to treat the symptom of anxiety disorder. It can also be prescribed to treat certain types of seizures in other bodies. This Tablet is used to treat nerve-related pain associated with spinal cord injury, trauma, or other degenerative disorders. Apolar protects the nerve fibers and helps in the rejuvenation of the damaged nerve cells.

How does Apolar works? – Pregabalin in the Apolar Tablet works for reducing the release of a chemical in the brain responsible for the sensation of pain. It contains pregabalin as its main ingredient. This medicine can be used in the direction of by the doctor and in doses and duration as prescribed. To use this Tablet, inform the doctor if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy breastfeeding, and about your detailed medical history. There is limited safety information available about the use of this medicine during pregnancy. 

The doctor will decide whether to discontinue breastfeeding or to discontinue the treatment with the Apolar Tablet depending upon the benefits of the medicine for a nursing mother.

How should it be taken?: Apolar Tablets should be taken in the direction of a doctor. Swallow it whole with a glass of water, do not break or chew the medicine. Apolar can be taken with or without food. This medicine can be best if it should be taken at a fixed time for optimal results This medicine is so useful for patients.

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